Downtown Chicago in Transition

Authors: Eric Bronsky and Neal Samors | Foreword: Joel Daly | Publisher: Chicago's Books (imprint of Chicago's Neighborhoods, Inc.)

Hardcover: 39.50

It is like no other book about Chicago’s past and present—exploring the dynamic changes that have continuously shaped the greater Loop district from the late nineteenth century to the present time. Downtown’s evolution is vividly portrayed through historical photos interlaced with a tapestry of memories, experiences and thoughts related by interviewees such as Josephine Baskin Minow, Gary Johnson, Jerome R. Butler, James McDonough, Ann Roth, James O’Connor, Kay Mayer, Michael Demetrio, Bernard Judge, Paul Meincke, Potter Palmer IV and Marshall Field V.

The book is brimming with a rich variety of subjects including architecture and urban planning, department stores, restaurants, movie palaces, public transportation, parks, and remembrances of a cross-section of influential current and former Chicagoans. Highlighting its 250+ pages is a remarkable assemblage of more than 250 photographs ranging from seldom-seen views found in local archives to previously untapped collections. Unique and obscure subjects are featured together with some of downtown’s more familiar and enduring icons. The most alluring images are enhanced to full-page size or reproduced in color, while photographs separated by decades invite spirited comparison. A descriptive narrative introduces each section of the book, tying all the elements together.

This book is co-authored by Chicago historians Eric Bronsky and Neal Samors. The authors have created a virtual time machine trip through downtown Chicago’s whirlwind past, one that is sure to evoke pleasant memories and encourage sharing with family and friends.

Eric, a transit enthusiast and freelance writer, worked as an architectural modelbuilder and historian for the City of Chicago under several mayors. Neal has authored or co-authored seven books about Chicago’s neighborhoods and eras. His recent book, Chicago in the Sixties: Remembering a Time of Change, won the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award in the History Books category.

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